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The Polonaise

A well-known spinning wheel historian said that the manner in which this wheel is built is as close to being historically correct as he has seen. This is a plus for spinners who want the "real thing" and for the growing community of re-enactors. The amount of decorative turning on this wheel is substantial, making it a sight to behold. No other wheel being made today comes close to this level of detail.

The Polonaise features functional wood threaded wheel angle adjustments so the proper angle can be obtained with the flyer. “Pin and socket” bearings support the wheel, offering low friction and exceptional ease of treadling. The flyer is double drive, and it has Scotch tensioning for single drive use, if wanted. The bobbins hold a full 4 oz. of yarn and they fit on all of the other Kromski spinning wheels. The Polonaise is a magnificent, stately wheel made of European alder and birch.

• Wheel diameter is 24"
• 3/8" orifice, 25" high
• Includes 3 bobbins, threading hook, tensioned lazy kate, spinning wheel oil, and video
• Ratios: 8, 12, 16, and 20 to 1; 2 whorls included; smaller and larger whorls available
• Bearings on bobbins, treadle, and wheel, leather bearings on flyer
• Double drive with scotch tension option
• Weight is 16 lbs
• Shipped unassembled


The Polonaise

The Polonaise Close Up
The Polonaise

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Walnut $899
Mahogany $899
Clear $849
Unfinished $799