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The Symphony

The Symphony introduces the solid Saxony looks that many people associate with spinning wheels. Traditional, yet distinctive, it offers spinners just what they need for all levels of spinning.

It has a good size wheel diameter of 24" that rotates on bearing sleeves that contribute to effortless treadling. The flyer is double drive, and it has Scotch tensioning for single drive use, if wanted. The bobbins hold a full 4 oz. of yarn and they fit on all of the other Kromski spinning wheels.

Double treadles make it easy to use, even for a beginner, and comfortable even for long spinning sessions. The Symphony is made of European alder and birch. This Kromski spinning wheel does not have any plastic parts, which makes it a perfect wheel for re-enactors.

• Wheel diameter is 24"
• 3/8" orifice, 27" high
• Includes 3 bobbins, threading hook, tensioned arch-style lazy kate, spinning wheel oil, and video
• Ratios: 7.5, 10, 16, and 20 to 1; 2 whorls included; smaller and larger whorls available
• Bearings on bobbins and crank, leather bearings on flyer
• Double drive with scotch tension option
• Weight is 15 lbs
• Shipped unassembled

A Kromski wheel can also be painted.


The Symphony
The Symphony

Find out about the best deal you can get on The Symphony. The finished Symphony qualifies for one item from Bonus 2.

Walnut $799
Mahogany $799
Clear $775
Unfinished $699